The short answer: Start with whichever one you think you need the most. Like, if your big problem is anxiety, read Calm the Fuck Down. If you need help setting goals and organizing your life (and making decisions about which book to read…), then Get Your Shit Together is your best bet. If you’re looking for a confidence boosting guide to living your most authentic life, You Do You is your jam. And so forth. The longer answer: I’m well aware that not everyone has a spare $100 to go out and buy all five No Fucks Given Guides (plus the journals!) just so they can start at the beginning. And with that in mind, I designed each book specifically so it can be read on its own apart from the group. But if you do have the time, energy, money, and desire to read them in order, this is it: 

I don’t know what the fuck Audible, iTunes, and Kobo are up to, so I made it easy on you. Just go to the page for the book in question and you’ll see the audiobook accompaniment file. Voilà!

Alas, probably not. I live in the Dominican Republic without reliable/affordable access to mail, so I can’t easily receive a book from you, sign it, and return it. And I really can’t receive/return whole cartons of books from my various publishers’ offices—which means that if I ever sign a large quantity of books it’s because I happened to be in New York or London and they were needed for a specific event or account. So you probably won’t just find one on a shelf someday, but the good news is that if you do, it’s definitely rare and precious. Congrats!

When in doubt, I would start by reading the full book. Then if you like it and want to be able to implement the ideas with more room to write and reflect and do the exercises and make lists and whatnot, pick up the corresponding journal.

That said, if you are price-sensitive or if you really just LOVE journaling and would rather access that tool right away rather than reading a full book first, each journal does stand alone. They basically contain the “greatest hits” of their related books, plus additional exercises, quizzes, and room to, you know, journal.

You may have noticed the lack of an Events section on this web site. That is because I am a homebody who hates to travel (especially for work) and I am also usually under extremely tight deadlines for the new book that preclude running around the world promoting the previous book. So probably never, but if I am doing an event somewhere, the best place to find out about it is via my social media:

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