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Are you burnt out from taking on more than you can handle or accepting less than you deserve? Tired of giving in instead of sticking up for yourself? Sick of saying yes all the time?

You’re gonna love Fuck No!

No is an acceptable answer, and it’s time to start using it. Whether you’re a People-Pleaser, an Overachiever, a Pushover, or have serious FOMO, bestselling “anti-guru” Sarah Knight helps you say what you really mean without being really mean—or burning out for fear of missing out.

Life is so much better when you say no with confidence—and without guilt, fear, or regret. Fuck No! delivers practical strategies that give you the power to decline, and concrete examples that put the words right into your mouth. You’ll discover:

  • The joy of no

  • No-Tips for all occasions

  • How to set boundaries

  • Fill-in-the-blank FuckNotes

  • The No-and-Switch, the Power No, and much more!

Praise for Fuck No!

“A compendium of comebacks and replies for when you just don’t want to. Fuck No! has everything our inner introvert has always needed.” Irish Tatler